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Oil Spill


Scientists assess impacts to mussel shells from response-related boat traffic

Amended Restoration Plan Released for Enbridge Pipeline Case

 Yellowish waxy petroleum product on a shoreline in Corpus Christi, Texas on December 25, 2022.

Settlement Proposed for Oil Spill in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas

Damaged tanks at the ITC Deer Park facility on March 27, 2019 near La Porte, Texas.

Tank Fire Settlement to Fund Restoration Projects in Galveston Bay, Texas

an aerial map view of ram island

Plan to Restore Endangered Terns on Ram Island, Buzzards Bay

Conceptual model of Pacific herring egg/larvae oil exposure and injury in shallow shoreline spawning habitat.

New Publication on Potential Population-Level Impacts of Oil Spills on Pacific Herring

Newtown Creek as it enters the East River

Opportunity for Public Input on Newtown Creek Draft Damage Assessment Plan

MC 209 location in the Gulf of Mexico

Settlement Proposed from MC209 Pipeline Spill in Gulf of Mexico Federal Waters

Overview photo of a bare dirt area which is the future site of the waterbird restoration pond at Pouhala Marsh, where an eight acre pond will be excavated as part of the future wetland enhancement and restoration at the Hawaii State Wildlife Refuge.

Trustees seek public comment on Draft Restoration Plan Addendum/Supplemental Environmental Assessment for the 1996 Chevron Pipeline Oil Spill in Hawaii

Oil slick on water in the ocean.

Settlement Finalized to Restore Natural Resources from an Oil Spill in Offshore Louisiana

Coast Guards boats skimming oil from the water surface in the area of the Shell Green Canyon spill

Natural Resource Trustees release Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Shell Green Canyon 248 Oil Spill

Oiled marsh after the Citgo Refinery oil spill

Trustees Release Final Plan to Restore 432 Acres of Habitat Injured by 2006 Citgo Spill in Louisiana

Workers in yellow protective gear haul in an orange boom at an oil spill site.

$15.3 million Settlement Finalized for Texas City Y Oil Spill Case in Galveston Bay, Texas

Oil slick in water viewed from the air at the Taylor MC20 site.

Settlement Proposed to Restore Natural Resources from an Oil Spill in Offshore Louisiana

Two days after the spill occurred, oil had spread nearly 100 miles downriver, and carried into forested batture habitat.

Final Plan Released to Restore Natural Resources Impacted by the Fuel Barge DM932 Oil Spill

$2.1 M Finalized for Restoration at the Bayport Channel Oil Spill Site in Texas

Aerial photo of batture with oiling from Barge DM932 Oil Spill

Trustees for Gretna DM 932 Mississippi River Oil Spill Release Draft Restoration Plan for Public Comment

Oil on the beach at Refugio State Park in Santa Barbara, California, on May 19, 2015. (U.S. Coast Guard)

$22.3 Million Settlement Finalized to Restore Natural Resources Injured by Refugio Beach Oil Spill

People in yellow suits hose a rocky shoreline

Story Map: Examining the Oil Pollution Act’s Legacy Through 30 Oil Spills

Recreational anglers fish off a boat in the Brandywine River. Credit TCDavis.

Athos Oil Spill Trustees Approve Delaware Boat Ramp Project

Oil lines the shore  on Refugio Beach after a 2015 oil spill, Santa Barbara, CA

Refugio Beach Oil Spill Trustees Release a Draft Assessment and Restoration Plan for Public Comment

Two cleanup workers in white protective gear and yellow boots stand next to oiled rocks and ocean in background.

$22.3 Million Proposed to Restore Natural Resources Injured by Refugio Beach Oil Spill

A barge floats next to an oil boom protecting waters and shoreline from spreading oil.

Final Damage Assessment and Restoration Plan Released for the Tug Powhatan Oil Spill in Alaska

Catching crabs with baited bags on line. Crabs netted at surface and measured for keeper size on deck.

Crabbing and Fishing Pier Project Approved for South Carolina Oil Spill Restoration

Underwater view of damaged and dead corals.

New Story Map: $28 Million to Restore Marine Resources Damaged by Pollution

The barge Salvation, the KP-2 deck barge, and two tugs tied up at Samson’s dock. The Alaskan Salvor located inside the containment boom around the tug Powhatan. (Photo provided by Samson Tug & Barge; June 4, 2017)

Public Invited to Comment on Draft Restoration Plan for Oil Spill in Sitka, Alaska

Dark oil photographed during a Coast Guard overflight on May 12, 2016.

Shell Green Canyon Settlement: $3.65 million for Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico

Two excavator machines work on building a shoreline project. A barge holding materials is in the water offshore.

Draft Amendment to Chalk Point Restoration Plan Released for Public Comment

Dark oil photographed during a Coast Guard overflight on May 12, 2016.

U.S. Department of Justice seeks comment on a proposed settlement for natural resource damages at Shell Green Canyon in the Gulf of Mexico

Sarah Allen assesses injuries to natural resources from her post in Alaska.

Meet Toxicologist Sarah Allan from Alaska

Kelp forests like this one of of Catalina Island provide shelter and food for fish and invertebrate species.

NOAA Announces Partnership to Restore Habitats Damaged by Oil and Hazardous Waste

Aerial photo of the Mississippi coast with a living shoreline project that includes natural and artificial breakwater material and marsh creation to reduce shoreline erosion.

Gulf Spill Restoration: Two Years After Settlement

Deepwater Horizon Trustee staff in boats and on marsh shorelines look at oil on the water's surface.

Deepwater Horizon: Louisiana Trustees Finalize Barataria Strategic Restoration Plan

Participants celebrate the re-opening of Jeff Friend Trail at Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in Gulf Shores, Alabama (photo U.S. Dept. of Interior)

Trail Reopening Event Highlights Significance of Ecotourism in Gulf

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