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Creosote-treated pilings, pictured here, were removed from the site of the Southwest Yard Habitat Project. (photo: Marla Steinhoff, NOAA)

Lower Duwamish River Southwest Yard Habitat Project Begins, Will Provide Almost 3 Acres of Fish and Wildlife Habitat

Overflight photo of shoreline sheening and recovery operations

Comment on Draft Restoration Plan Proposing 432 Acres of Restored Habitat Injured by the Citgo, Calcasieu River Oil Spill

Two days after the spill occurred, oil had spread nearly 100 miles downriver, and carried into forested batture habitat.

Final Plan Released to Restore Natural Resources Impacted by the Fuel Barge DM932 Oil Spill

Coast Guard boats skimming surface oil from Shell Green Canyon oil spill site

Natural Resource Trustees Request Public Comments on Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Shell Green Canyon 248 Oil Spill

The trustee response team collecting wildlife samples, at Refugio State Beach as part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment. Photo Credit: CDFW/OSPR

$22 Million Approved to Restore Habitats, Wildlife and Recreation Impacted by Refugio Beach Oil Spill

An industrial barn and pier on the banks of the Lower Duwamish River, with restored tidal habitat in the foreground. Image: Floyd Snider

Settlement Valued at $48 Million To Restore Natural Resources in the Lower Duwamish River

Aerial photo of batture with oiling from Barge DM932 Oil Spill

Trustees for Gretna DM 932 Mississippi River Oil Spill Release Draft Restoration Plan for Public Comment

Juvenile Chinook salmon. Image: USGS

Settlement Valued at $3.9 Million Will Restore Salmon Habitat, Other Resources in the Lower Duwamish River

Freshwater creek running through the bottomland hardwood habitat of Simmons Tract.

The latest on the Ciba-Geigy Natural Resource Damages Assessment Restoration Efforts in McIntosh, Alabama

"Some of the thousands of pilings, and other structures proposed to be removed at the Vigor Facility site. Image: Floyd|Snider"

$48 Million Proposed for Salmon Habitat Restoration Projects in Lower Duwamish River

Lower Duwamish River bank where the Bluefield Holding's restoration site is located. Image: USFWS

Lower Duwamish River Consent Decree and Draft Restoration Plan Released for Public Comment

View of Lower Duwamish River aquatic and riparian habitat. Image: Boeing

NOAA and Trustee Partners Continue Work with Boeing, Restoring the Lower Duwamish River

Scalley Dam Fishway gate in Woburn Massachussets surrounded by rocks

Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment Released for the Industri-plex Superfund Site

Silhouette of a common loon swimming on the surface of a river as the sun sets. Photo: Joseph Sands, USFWS.

Out For Public Input: Draft Plan to Restore Birds Killed, Injured by 2003 Oil Spill

A pair of common loons on the water's surface, facing each other.

Deepwater Horizon Open Ocean Restoration Plan 1 Finalized

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