River Habitat


Recreational anglers fish off a boat in the Brandywine River. Credit TCDavis.

Athos Oil Spill Trustees Approve Delaware Boat Ramp Project

NOAA and natural resource Trustees in the M/T Athos I oil spill case released a Final Amendment to the Final Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (PDF, 12 pages) to move forward with changes to a previously approved project.

Atlantic salmon parr in the Machias River, Maine.

Fish Passage Projects Approved to Restore Habitat After Oil Spills in Maine

NOAA and the other Gulf-Chevron Terminal Facility Trustees released a final restoration plan (PDF, 66 pages)  with $800,000 in projects to restore areas affected by multiple oil spills at the site in Maine.

A view from a ridge above the St. Lawrence River in Robert Moses State Park

Funds Available to Restore St. Lawrence River Resources

On behalf of the St. Lawrence River Environment Trustee Council, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is soliciting proposals for funding to restore natural resources, habitats, and cultural and recreational uses in areas affected by decades of hazardous waste releases from industrial pollution in the St. Lawrence River, its tributaries, and adjacent watersheds.