68th Street


A creek runs through an autumn landscape where restoration may happen for the 68th Street superfund case.

Draft Restoration Plan for Maryland’s 68th Street Dump Superfund Site Released for Public Comment

Natural resource trustee agencies for the 68th Street Dump Superfund site in Maryland released a draft restoration plan (PDF, 29 pages) for the public to review and comment on until March 2, 2020. The plan includes project options intended to restore habitat to make up for hazardous chemicals released into the environment at the 68th Street site, where seven former landfills were once active.

High grass along the banks of a creek at the 68th Street superfund site.

$51.5 million Settlement Approved to Cleanup and Restore Baltimore’s 68th Street Superfund Site

On November 29, 2017, the Federal District Court of Maryland approved a consent decree (pdf) that moves forward the cleanup and restoration of the 68th Street Superfund Site near Baltimore, Maryland.

Case Pages:

Piles of floating plastic trash litter the site. Proposed trashracks will capture and remove this material from the watershed.

68th Street

Hazardous Waste Site | Rosedale, Maryland | 1953 – 1970