Raymark Industries


An aerial view of a meandering marsh channel at McKinney Wildlife Refuge. Credit USFWS

NOAA and Co-trustees Seek Comment on Draft Restoration Plan for Two Connecticut Hazardous Waste Sites

Trustees for the Lordship Point Gun Club site, a former skeet shooting range, and Raymark Industries site, a former car parts manufacturer in Connecticut, released a Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (PDF, 197 pg).

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A warning sign cautions people can be exposed to site-related contaminants at Tidal Ferry Creek.

Raymark Industries, Inc.

Hazardous Waste Site | Stratford, CT | 1919 to Present

Beginning in 1919, Raymark Industries, Inc. manufactured automotive parts at a 34-acre property along the Housatonic River estuary. Raymark initially disposed of manufacturing wastes on-site, but waste materials were also released to Ferry Creek via a culvert from on-site waste lagoons. Lagoon waste sludge was also used as fill on multiple residential, commercial, and municipal properties in Stratford, and in several wetland sites draining to the Housatonic River.