Patuxent River


Two excavator machines work on building a shoreline project. A barge holding materials is in the water offshore.

Draft Amendment to Chalk Point Restoration Plan Released for Public Comment

NOAA and co-Trustees restoring resources damaged from a 2000 oil spill at Chalk Point in Maryland have released a Draft Amendment to the 2002 Restoration Plan for public comment.

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After the Chalk Point oil spill in Maryland in 2000, a NOAA scientist samples sediment to determine the impact on bottom-dwelling creatures.

Chalk Point

Oil Spill | Patuxent River, Maryland | April 2000


What Happened?

On April 7, 2000, a 12-inch oil pipeline ruptured underground at the Pepco Chalk Point electric generating facility in Aquasco, Maryland. Approximately 140,000 gallons of oil spilled into Swanson Creek, a small tributary of the Patuxent River. The oil moved over containment booms, ultimately affecting approximately 40 linear miles of environmentally sensitive downstream creeks and shorelines along the Patuxent River.