Lordship Point


An aerial view of a meandering marsh channel at McKinney Wildlife Refuge. Credit USFWS

NOAA and Co-trustees Seek Comment on Draft Restoration Plan for Two Connecticut Hazardous Waste Sites

Trustees for the Lordship Point Gun Club site, a former skeet shooting range, and Raymark Industries site, a former car parts manufacturer in Connecticut, released a Draft Restoration Plan and Environmental Assessment (PDF, 197 pg).

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Lordship beach after remediation.

Lordship Point

Hazardous Waste Site | Stratford, CT | 1920s to Present

What Happened?

The Remington Gun Club operated a skeet shooting range at Lordship Point beginning in the 1920s. The peninsula is located at the mouth of the Housatonic River estuary, where it empties into Long Island Sound. An estimated 4.8 million pounds of lead gun shot from the firing range contaminated on-site uplands, salt marshes, and shallow water habitats adjacent to the site.