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a view of the Delaware river from the bank
Looking downstream at the Metal Bank site and mudflats on the Delaware River in 1991.

Trustees of the Metal Bank Site Seek Public Input for Restoration Projects in the Philadelphia Area

February 15, 2023

Contribute to the health and well-being of the Delaware River watershed and its communities by submitting your ideas for habitat restoration and recreational use projects in an open call for submissions. The Federal and State Trustees of the Metal Bank Superfund Natural Resources Damages Settlement are seeking public input to identify projects within the Delaware River and the general Philadelphia area.

Metal Bank is a former scrap metal and electrical transformer salvage facility in an industrial area of northeast Philadelphia. During the salvage process after the facility was decommissioned, oil and other contaminants were released into the environment. 

The Trustees will consider projects that provide suitable compensation for injuries to aquatic and land-based resources resulting from the release of hazardous substances at the Metal Bank Superfund Site.

Projects must:

  • demonstrate environmental and/or recreational benefit
  • contribute to the health and well-being of the Delaware River Watershed and its inhabitants
  • fall within one or more of the project categories assigned by the State and Federal Trustees (see below)

Based on the injuries, the Trustees have identified wetland, riverine, and mudflat habitat projects as the highest priority. Projects that include a secondary recreational benefit falling into one of the below project categories will also be considered.

Habitat Restoration Project Categories:

  • wetland/mudflat restoration
  • riparian/shoreline restoration

Recreational Use Project Categories:

  • river trails
  • land trails
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility

Stakeholder Input Response Instructions

To submit a proposed restoration or recreational use project, please email the following basic information about your project idea:

  • organization name
  • contact information
  • project title
  • brief project description
  • project location
  • ecological or recreational benefit
  • current project status
  • cost estimate
  • available matching funds
  • estimated timeline
  • partners


Rich Takacs, Restoration Coordinator
NOAA Restoration Center
Phone: 301-346-8374

The due date to submit restoration or recreational use project ideas is March 15th, 2023