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salmon swim over a rocky creek bed.
Salmon swim over a rocky creek bed.

Storymap: The Past, Present and Future of Restoration in Washington’s Commencement Bay

November 15, 2022

More than 20 years of restoration in Commencement Bay are documented in a new StoryMap created by NOAA and the Commencement Bay Trustees. 

The storymap features more than 20 restoration projects created in Commencement Bay, representing an investment of more than $70 million in pollution settlements. The entire portfolio of sites is protected by a long-term monitoring and adaptive management effort called the Commencement Bay Stewardship Collaborative. 

Read the story or peruse the detailed map featuring before-and-after images and historical context. You can also follow the hypothetical journey of a salmon that can now use the restored sites like stepping stones as it swims up the Puyallup River from the bay to spawn.