Hanford Nuclear Site


Nuclear reactors line the riverbank at the Hanford Site along the Columbia River in January 1960.

Evaluating Toxic Pollution at a Former Nuclear Reactor

Chromium, manganese, zinc … these elements can help you keep you healthy when they’re in your daily multivitamin. But sometimes, when found in water and soil, these elements can cause serious problems for fish, birds, and wildlife.

At the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, we are evaluating how discharges of chromium may have affected soils, river sediments, groundwater, and surface waters. The discharges—resulting from nuclear fuel production—flowed into the Columbia River, which borders the property.

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A view of the free-flowing section of Columbia River.

Hanford Nuclear Site

Hazardous Waste Site | Tri-Cities, WA | 1940s to Present

The Hanford Nuclear Site is located in eastern Washington State, and encompasses more than 500 square miles of land. For nearly 30 years, The U.S. Department of Defense and the Department of Energy produced tons of plutonium for use in the atomic weapon program.