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View Submitted Projects - Kalamazoo River Hazardous Waste Site

You can use the map below to view projects that have been submitted to the Trustees for consideration in the Kalamazoo River watershed. To view details of an individual project, click the “View” icon on the list below or click the project marker on the map. To highlight the location of a project from the list, click the “Show on Map” icon.

All projects that have met the posting guidelines are accessible from the project list, and only those projects that were submitted with valid geographic coordinates are displayed on the map. The inclusion of a project idea on this list only indicates that it’s met posting guidelines and will be evaluated.

Please Note:

This list and map will be continually updated as project ideas are submitted. Recently submitted projects or updates to projects may not appear on the page for several days after they are submitted, due to the time required to review for compliance with the posting guidelines. 

If you have submitted a project and it is not on the project list, or if you believe that your project information is being represented inaccurately, please contact us at Attachments submitted with projects are not currently viewable.

If you are having technical difficulties with this page or are having trouble accessing the information, please email us at