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Anadromous Fish Conservation Act 

Other Relevant Laws & Regulations

16 U.S.C. 757a et seq. 

The Anadromous Fish Conservation Act  authorizes the Secretaries of Commerce and/or Interior to enter into cooperative agreements with the states for the conservation, development, and enhancement of the Nation's anadromous fishery resources. Pursuant to such agreements, the federal government may undertake studies and activities to restore, enhance, or manage anadromous fish, fish habitat, and passages. The Act authorizes federal grants to the states or other non-Federal entities to improve spawning areas, install fishways, construction fish protection devices and hatcheries, conduct research to improve management, and otherwise increase anadromous fish resources. The Trustees may be able to take advantage of the provisions and funding of AFCA in order to leverage anadromous fish restoration plans and projects.